EPRINEX® (eprinomectin) is the first dewormer to kill 39 species and stages of parasites. Period. And with up to 99.9% efficacy.1 1 - FOI summaries and label claims.

Eprinex is the first dewormer to kill 39 species and stages of parasites.

Whether you’re a beef or dairy producer, parasites are out there waiting to literally suck out your profitability by negatively impacting the immune system and reducing appetite and nutritional efficiency.

While young calves and replacement heifers are most susceptible, adult animals are more vulnerable than you might think – even those not on pasture. And that can have big implications for dairy and beef producers. It's important to have a deworming strategy in place – one that includes EPRINEX.

Parasites lead to:
Reduced weaning weights
Lower conception rates
Decreased milk production
The head of a brown stomach worm that can be found within cattle.

EPRINEX pays for itself.

Strategic deworming with EPRINEX is far less expensive than the feed that is wasted to these profit-robbing parasites or the losses associated with lower carcass values and reduced milk production.

Parasite Impact
BROWN STOMACH WORM Ostertagia ostertagi

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